• Weighlin Linear Belt Weigher for Fresh Salad Vegetables
      21 by :admin   2018/08/28  

    Weighlin Linear Belt Weigher for Fresh Salad Vegetables..

  • Weighlin 6 Head Weigher for Sugar Rice Seeds
      12 by :admin   2018/04/25  

    Weighlin new developed 6head weigher for auto weighing and filling small granulels with high speed and accuracy, such as rice, seeds, sugar, fodder, etc Equiped with multiple mouth dispense top cone with material thickness adjustment plate, 3L capacity ..

  • Weighlin 5-50kg Batch Weight Filler Released
      20 by :admin   2018/03/02  

    Weighlin 1head big weight batch filler is compact design and build for flexible weight range from 5kg to 50kg, 5-8 portions per min, 10g accuracy, full 304SUS building with 4 side glass protection cover avoid dust or matreial jump out; ..

  • Combo tabletop 1head & Band Sealer
      21 by :admin   2018/03/02  

    Economical weighing and sealing unit for semi-auto weighing and manual filling and sealing project, apply for small factory ..

  • 2018 New Version Auger Filler
      4 by :admin   2018/04/16  

    New Version Auger Filler 30L 50L, by adopt new sand blasting technology on auger filler surface, high quality industry finish ensure the unit workmanship, half-open hopper chamber is for free tool open and clean, the hopper capacity can be 30L, 50L ..

  • Mini Smart Belt Weight Checker
      4 by :admin   2018/04/16  

    Mini Smart Belt Weight Checker is designed and applied for auto online weight checker and rejector non-good weight for food, pet food, plastic or hardware parts packing line Accurate, Simple, Flexible, Integrate with various packing units Online small..

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