WL-P2H30 2 head 3L weigher
It s suitable for weighing slice, roll or regular shape products such as sugar, salt, seed, rice, sesame, glutamate, milk powder, coffee powder and seasoning powder, etc
Based on years' experience, we develop and produce this economical and efficient linear weight filler series according to different material nature, the weighing speed and accuracy is controlled through vibrator strength and material thickness, small invest, fast return, limited space, easy operation and maintenance, comparable speed and accuracy on big weight with multihead, popular with small and Mid-plant, save labor and material, enhance efficiency, 1head, 2head, 3head and 4head or above heads, 1-2-3 level vibration feeder can be customized. Coarse and fine material feeding design, work alone or integrated with cup, bucket, bottle, tray packing machine, VFFS, mini daypack machine, etc. Widely apply for rice, seeds, fodder, beans, sugar, popcorn, chips, nuts, pet food, tea and metal or plastic parts, etc.
  •  Full 304SUS building material;
  • Compact design with small footprint;
  • Tool-free install, dismantle and clean;
  • Easy operation and low maintenance;
  • Coarse and fine feeding material control;
  • Different administrator levels management;
  • PLC + Touch screen control system;
  • Free parameter adjusting during running;
  • Self R&D interchangeable main PCB board control;
  • Up to 10 product recipes preset;
Model WL-P2H30
Head No. 2
Weigh Range 10-2000g
Accuracy   ±0.1-2g
Running Speed 5-30 ppm per head
Hopper Volume 3000ml
Mix Products 2
Control System PLC+Touch Screen
Building Material  Full 304SUS material
Power Supply  220V, 110V, 50HZ, 60HZ, 1P, 5KW
Packing WT/Size 995*665*941mm, 120KG

  • In-feed bulk material conveyor
  • Front protection glass enclosure
  • Support gantry/stand
  • Various size dump chute outlet
  • Enlarge size in-feed bunker
  • Linear feeder fine flap driven by motor
  • 316SUS food contacting parts
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