• China Packaging Industry Recovery in 2018
      21 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    With stabilising domestic economic growth in China, the overall packaging market in the country is showing signs of recovery, quality improvement in the past, it shows big potential market among food, non-food, pet food industry ..

  • Weighlin Scales Technology
      21 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    New generation weight filler, auto gravity weighing scales, linear weigher, multihead weigher, checkweigher, auger filler or volumetric is more popular in the food industry ..

  • Packaging Carry Delivery Creat Value
      10 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    Packaging Carry Delivery Creat Value Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sell, and use Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages ..

  • 2018 Weighlin New Year's Holiday
      24 by :admin   2018/03/02  

    Weighlin Spring Festival Holiday notice from Feb 8 to Feb 26, 2018 All the best wishes for all the aboard and home clients We ll keep in touch all the time ..

  • See Weighlin in China Sinopack Show
      19 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    Sinopack show is one of the most professional packaging show in China South, Weighlin will attend this show with our own new developed 6head weigher and mini doypack machine, welcome to see us by then ..

  • Meet you on Shanghai Propack Show 2018
      22 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    About ProPak China 2017 China s premier trade exhibition for Processing and packaging technologies,targeting buyers requiring processing and packaging technology for the following industries: agricultural, food, beverage, dairy, etc ..

  • 2017 Weighlin Propack Report
      8 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    Base on years experience, we are commited to provide the clients and society with good quality products and service Weighlin Packaging took part in this professional packaging show with own new-developed big weight premade..

  • Weighlin 5-50kg Batch Weight Filler Released
      25 by :admin   2018/03/02  

    Weighlin 1head big weight batch filler is compact design and build for flexible weight range from 5kg to 50kg, 5-8 portions per min, 10g accuracy, full 304SUS building with 4 side glass protection cover avoid dust or matreial jump out; ..

  • Combo tabletop 1head & Band Sealer
      25 by :admin   2018/03/02  

    Economical weighing and sealing unit for semi-auto weighing and manual filling and sealing project, apply for small factory ..

  • 2018 New Version Auger Filler
      6 by :admin   2018/04/16  

    New Version Auger Filler 30L 50L, by adopt new sand blasting technology on auger filler surface, high quality industry finish ensure the unit workmanship, half-open hopper chamber is for free tool open and clean, the hopper capacity can be 30L, 50L ..

  • Mini Smart Belt Weight Checker
      10 by :admin   2018/04/16  

    Mini Smart Belt Weight Checker is designed and applied for auto online weight checker and rejector non-good weight for food, pet food, plastic or hardware parts packing line Accurate, Simple, Flexible, Integrate with various packing units Online small..

  • Weighlin Staff Family Activity
      116 by :admin   2018/01/09  

    In order to enrich the entertainment activities of company employees, promote communication among colleagues, enhance collective cohesion and team spirit and create healthy and positive corporate culture atmosphere ..

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